Bellow you will find the most viewed Twitch clips of all time for the most popular games.
We skipped a few that were pure Twitch drama and focused on the ones that had action and are entertaining without context.

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Most Viewed Fortnite Twitch Clip: The Moosemeat Victory Dance 🥇

Winning in Fortnite is a big deal, so celebrations are in order! But not all celebrations make it viral. 🙂

Most Viewed LOL Twitch Clip: Dankest Duel OCE 🥇

Dr. Mundo outheals Darius with ease and to great frustration of aray_oce!

Most Viewed Valorant Twitch Clip: niko is INSANE 🥇

Nikolarn surprises even himself with this easy ACE.

Most Viewed Apex Twitch Clip: Grandpa 3k 🥇

Its always great to see older generations blending in!

Most Viewed CS:GO Twitch Clip: s1mple FPL 1v5 🥇

S1mple completely dominantes without hesitation.

Most Viewed Among Us Twitch Clip: Anita confesses to a crime she is innocent of commiting 🥇

Lying is a skill much needed in Among Us, but it doesnt always pan out.

Most Viewed COD Modern Warfare Twitch Clip: CosmicTriggaa knocks them down 🥇

When you run out of ammo, you do what you can with what you have!

Most Viewed Twitch Clip OVERALL: JurassicJunkieLive's daughter walks in on him streaming a scary game 🥇

He probably still has nightmares. 🧟‍♂️

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